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Cahaya Biru is back, he's definitely one of the best porters to blogger and today we have two versions of the Zitizen Blogger Template for you to download. One's a straight port for wordpress which has a lot of javascript based features, while the other one is a stripped down version which is much lighter for blogger! The original author is Jinsona, who makes some beautiful free wordpress themes at web2feel!

Zitizen Blogger Theme
If you have used Jnsona's templates before, you expect to see a template that is feature rich with functions. The Zitizen template is exactly that, the header starts off nice and simple with the blog title on the left, a nice designed image and a search bar on the right!

The dual navbar, is seen under that! Then we have a glider with small images of posts, that glides from right to left and below that a featured post slider that slides downwards. The mini posts start below that where the main column is divided into two parts, so is the right hand side search bar.

The sidebar starts off with a subscribe via email widget and then proceeds to get divided. The main column ends with a tabbed navigation widget. While the Light Zitizen Template as you can see below is similar, except it does not have the javascript features enabled, thats the glider, featured posts and the tabber at the bottom of the main post.
Light Zitizen Blogger Template
But in place of that the main column ends with two widgets that allow you to add a featured video and any other gadget like the followers widget! You can download both the Zitizen blogger templates below!

Download the Fully Functional Zitizen Blogger Template

Download the Light Zitizen Blogger Template

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