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We earlier had put up the Gamezine template for blogspot that was converted by Cahaya Biru and designed for wordpress by Jinsona. Today's Gamezine Lite and White theme is a rework on the blogger Gamezine template by Cahaya.
Gamezine in White and Lite
The template structure, layout and elements like the sliders, gliders for featured posts are exactly the same as the original gamezine theme. Nothing has changed except the color of the template.

In the previous version the template had a black background, while this one has a white background for all the elements and that's how it gets its name.

Although I prefer black backgrounds as they save energy as well as are easier on the eye in terms of longer duration there have been many requests for this template. Do remember to upload the scripts onto your own site or hosting.

Download the Gamezine White Blogger Template

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