Shopzilla Publisher Program

Shopzilla is an ad network (currently in beta) that pays per click (CPC). I have been using it since last month and it has done really well on my product related site – DigitGeek.

I have tried many ad networks on DigitGeek like AdSense, Kontera, Amazon, TTZ Media, Chitika and WidgetBucks and none have done as good as Shopzilla. It has to be because Shopzilla has clickable images on their ads which gets it more clicks.

Both Chitika eMinimalls and TTZ Media used to have clickable images, but stopped it later. They even made their ads display only for some countries. I hope Shopzilla wont do this in the future as it can reduce the Click Thru Rate a lot.

As long as they don’t do it, Shopzilla will be a good alternative to programs like Chitika’s eMiniMalls, TTZ Media and WidgetBucks.

They offer different content types like ‘Top Search Results’, ‘Custom Text Links’, ‘Search Boxes’, “Banners’, ‘Product Pods’, and ‘Text links’.

shopzilla cotnent types

Shopzilla has a similar feature to the AdSense channels called Placement IDs which are helpful to find out which ads are performing the best.

‘Top Search Results’ ad: 336×280

shopzilla top search results ad

Banner: 468×60

shopzilla banner

Watch this video:

You can watch the above video in higher quality here.

Here’s how you can get Shopzilla to display ads related to the posts on WordPress blogs (thanks Tim):

For WordPress users, you can automatically use the Page Title as the keyword (or “Search For” as they call it) for Shopzilla ads. These are for the ‘Top Search Results’ ad type. Create the Top Search Results asset using just the letter “a” in the “Search For” field as the keyword. Pick the banner size, set your colors, etc, and then get the HTML code. Look in the HTML code for the following:
Replace that with this:
That code should take the title of the WordPress post and use it as the keyword for the ad unit.

Shopzilla will perform best on product related sites, so if you own one make sure to register for Shopzilla.

They currently do not accept everyone, but you can register and see if they accept you. DigitGeek was accepted in a few hours.


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